For All Your Pet Sitting, Dog Sitting, Dog Walking Needs

For All Your Pet Sitting, Dog Sitting, Dog Walking Needs

For All Your Pet Sitting, Dog Sitting, Dog Walking NeedsFor All Your Pet Sitting, Dog Sitting, Dog Walking NeedsFor All Your Pet Sitting, Dog Sitting, Dog Walking Needs

The Benefits of Our Service

Get the Very Best When You’re Not There!

Many of us have grown up thinking that pet sitting was what you asked your neighbor to do when you were out of town. Sometimes this worked well for our pets and sometime it didn’t. Well, things have changed since then and a new industry has evolved to provide a professional level of service for our nations pets-introducing the pet sitting industry.

How You Will Benefit

  • Eliminate pets’ exposure to illness. When your pets stay home while you’re out of town, you eliminate the concern that your pets are being exposed to illnesses or injury while in the care of a kennel or boarding facility.
  • Knowledgeable care. Our experience with a range of animals and breeds combined and our love of animals enables us to bond with your pets’ and respond to their many needs quickly and easily.
  • Medical care and maintenance. Form time to time, even the healthiest pet needs medicine or are feeling under the weather. Our experience with administering oral medication and shots to cats and dogs, and nursing pets through physical and emotional traumas is what we do best.
  • Come home to your pets. When you select a pet sitting service from FuzzyButtzRUs, you’ll find your pet waiting there to welcome you home! We make every effort to turn your house over to you in the same clean condition we found it.
  • Bonded and Insured. FuzzyButtzRus, is bonded and insured, so that you can leave home knowing that you’re covered in the unlikely event that something could happen while you are away form home.

How You’re Pets Benefit

When you’re away, whether on the job or traveling away from home, your pets will receive nurturing and supportive care. Take advantage of our Daily Dog Walks or House Calls while your home. A great option to get your pets accustom to a pet sitter. Some pets have anxiety when left alone with someone they are unfamiliar with. It usually only takes a few visits until they realize your there only for them.

  • Improved health benefits from regular exercise. Whether from our daily dog walk program or if you’re away, your pets will receive exercise with each and every visit.
  • Companionship. Dogs are pack animals and crave companionship during your absence. Let us provide them with some TLC while you’re away from home.
  • Reducing of stress. Keeping your pets at home, allows them to be more relaxed and comfortable as opposed to if they were placed in a kennel or boarding facility.
  • Professional, administration of medicine. Oral medication and/or administering shots while you’re away.
  • Maintenance of medical needs schedule. Even dogs and cats may be placed on strict feeding and medication schedules; Diabetes and Sub Q Fluids, are most common. We can accommodate your pets’ special schedule.